7 ways to raise growth finance in tough markets


Investors have had their fingers burned and now, more than ever, are seeking reliable and sustainable businesses to back.

For an unbroken run of well over a decade after the 2007 global recession, venture capital and private equity backers have been flush with cash and actively courting new business founders, especially in the buoyant IT sector. This is the only world many under-30 CEO founders know. They don’t know how to raise money in challenging markets.

During the high times, investors’ favoured investee businesses were run by persuasive founders and entrepreneurs, usually armed with great ideas, proprietary intellectual property, and the desire to disrupt established ways of delivering goods and services.

Well, that was then.

Today, VC and private equity backers are increasingly risk averse, primed for caution after living through the geopolitical travails of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply-chain disruption, persistent inflation, and the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

But this article is not a counsel of despair. The good news is that regardless of experience, running a successful founder-led company and raising capital is achievable with the right advisers. Board directors, seasoned investors, and advisory board members can provide game-changing guidance and critical connections.

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