Purposeful Advisors delivers premium communications advisory and public affairs services to founders and senior management teams, empowering companies to move minds, bodies, dollars, media, and governments to reach their business objectives.


We help define narratives, tell your story, and build the relationships necessary to communicate your purpose effectively.

We believe that clearly defining your purpose is essential to succeeding in today’s rapidly changing global landscape and enables companies to be resilient in the face of a crisis or other mission-critical challenges.

Nothing Tops Experience.

Today’s enterprises – regardless of size – exist in a dynamic environment filled with threats and opportunities. An experienced team can offer the best path through this rapidly shifting media and stakeholder environment.

Our roots are in the boardrooms of the biggest brands in the world and the war rooms of some of the most complicated political and business campaigns in recent memory. With our senior advisors, we bring well over a century of hard-earned experience to start-up, scale-up, and midsize enterprises.

Meet our senior team and advisors.

Frank De Maria

Founding Partner
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Elie Jacobs

Founding Partner
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James McCusker

Senior Advisor
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Tom Randell

Senior Advisor UK
Tom Randell

Amiee Watts

Senior Advisor
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David Lyon

Senior Advisor
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Ryszard Bublik

Senior Advisor UK
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Alex Honeysett

Senior Advisor
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